XSJ High Viscosity Concentric Double-Axle Mixer


  Planet mixer is composed of two or three frame agitators and a moveable cylinder. The agitator acts the planet action. (Rotating and revolving). As the agitating blade and grooves are machined precisely and the space between the agitation blade and cylinder is very small, the machine has great shearing force and high sticking effect and suitable for materials with high viscosity ranging from 10Pa.S to 1000Pa.S The cylinder can be equipped with a jacket for cooling or heating as required. The machine head can go up and down through the hydraulic device. The cylinder can be moved after the fixing device is loosened. The cylinder inside is polished. It can be used with extruding machine to send material out. It is very convenient to clean the replaceable cylinder. In order to satisfy the requirements of customers better, the machine can be made into vacuum type.

Main Motor Power (Kw)45.57.52237
Pump Motor Power (Kw)0.751.
Tank Capacity (L)60120180350500
Shaft Revolution (r)4545322925
Shaft Rotation (r)95150876045
Frame TypeSingle ColSingle ColSingle ColDouble ColDouble Col
Lift (mm)60080090012001200
Weight (kg)700900120015001700