SW Horizontal Sand-Grinding Machine


Main features of SW horizontal sand-grinding machine:

  This machine is a most prevalent and well-sold horizontal grinding machine in the market now. It has a strong power of the collision and shearing to narrow the granules of the materials to the utmost in a short time and disperse the size of the materials evenly.

Parameter / ModelSW-5SW-20SW-30SW-50
Cylinder volume (L)5203050
Motor power (kw)5.5152237
Speed of dispersing shaft (r.p.m)140012801150980
Overall dimension (mm)1000 x 550 x 10501300 x 680 x 11501400 x 700 x 12001600 x 800 x 1250
Weight (kg)35090011801500
Loading of medium (kg)8254578
Pressure of cooling water (mpa)
Viscosity of material (pa.s)<3<0.3<3<3
Final Fineness (um)1-151-151-151-15
Pump flow (L/min)2-102-202-252-30