SB-LZM Dual Cooling Vertical Bead Mill

  1. A kind new high-efficient mill, whose spiral arrangement grinding bar and cylinder structure makes interactive force between grinding medium more intense and durable, moreover, such intense compression and shear force can not be gained by ordinary grinding machine.
  2. Equipped with advanced dual internal water cooling water system, even if in warmer weather, it can achieve satisfactory cooling efficiency with common running water.
  3. It is extremely convenient for cylinder to be disassembled. Its main body adopts variable frequency speed control. Different speeds can be chosen for users with different materials to achieve best grinding efficiency. Applied to:(1)high-class paint (2) top-class printing ink (3)high viscosity color sizing (4) thixotropic materials.

LZM 立式珠磨机


Characteristics of vertical bead mill as follows:

Applicable to grind dispersing of liquid and solid phase materials in the airtight state in the industries of paint, dyes, ink, pesticide and paper-marking, etc. With strong production continuity and high efficiency of grind dispersing, applicable to grinding for mid and low viscosity materials. Materials are grinded and dispersed in airtight state, avoiding solvent from being volatilized.

ModelPower (kw)Volume (L)Speed (r/min)Charging rate (L/min)Viscosity (Pa.s)Maximum output (kg/h)Fineness (um)Weight (kg)