SK Series Sand-Grinding Machine


The machine is the most efficient and common-used equipment to grind the material finely. According to the request of different industries, the machine has been systematic researched and improved on technology, material and structure, which makes the grinding speed more fast, the fineness finer and the degree of discoloration smallest.

 The machine has three types which are the common, strengthened wear-resisting and nonmetal coating types.

Parameter \ ModelSK10-1
SB 10
SB 20
SB 40
SB 80
SB 250
Volume (L)10204080250
Main power (kw)5.51118.53075
Diaphragm pump diameter1 inch 251 inch 251 inch 251 inch 251.5 inch 40
Dispersing shaft speed (r/min)144013201020830570
Pump flow regulation scope (L/min)2~122~122~123~185~30
Viscosity (pa.s)<2<2<2<2≤3
Maximum output (kg/h)200500100015002800
Dispersing particle size (u.m)1~201~201~201~201~20
Weight (kg)5501200150020003500