FL-B Series Dispersion Machine (Anti-Explosion Type)


It  is  applicable  for  agitation,  dispersion  and dissolution of  liquid and liquid-solid materials in such industries as paint, dye, pigment, printing ink, papermaking and adhesive. It characterizes little air absorption when agitating and dispersing, high mixing efficiency and uniformity, high speed dissolution of materials in the case of medium/high  speed agitation and dispersion.

The models use high-grade materials and components, comparable to similar products in Europe and America, the use of more stable and quieter.

Parameter \ ModelFG 200 frame typeFG 250 frame typeFG 350 frame typeSpecial frame type
Power of Main Motor (kw)1.5-45.5-1518.5-4545-5570-110
Dispersing shaft speed (r.p.m)0-14000-14000-14000-14000-1400
Dispersing blade dia (mm)ɸ200ɸ250ɸ300-350ɸ400-450ɸ500-600
Lift (mm)600900120016001800
Pump motor power (kw)0.550.751.11.52.2
Tank capacity (L)200500-8001000-15002000-30005000
Weight (kg)500800150025004000
Overall dimension A mm17001820240028003400
Overall dimension B mm15001800220027003000
Overall dimension C mm600700110014001600
Width (W) mm580900120014001500

NOTE:  F series dispersion machine, anti-explosion type with frequency inverter control.