SWX Horizontal Bead Mill


This model is the newest developed bead mill in our company, which has high efficient inverse jet impeller disc. It can avoid occlusion of grinding beads on the discharging separator, reduce the wear of separating sieve and increase the effective shearing and high intensity cooling effect when the machine works. Removable liner circulating pipe makes the cooling water carry away the heat of the grinding tank to control the material temperature in the normal range.

Parameter / ModelSWX-10SWX-30SWX-60
Main power (kw)15-2222-3055
Volume (L)103060
Shaft speed (r/min)10-135010-135010-1350
Milling bead (mm)0.8-10.8-10.8-1
Viscosity (pa.s)<3<3<3
Zirconium beads (kg)204585
Fineness (um)0.5-100.5-100.5-10
Cooling water pressure (mpa)
Inlet amount (L/min)5-205-355-50
Weight (kg)100018002500