BSW Stick-and-Pin Horizontal Sand Mill









Horizontal sand mill is a grind dispersing equipment for horizontal grinding cylinder with continuous production, suitable to ultra-fine grind and disperse solid and liquid two-phase suspensions.

Working Principle: The main motor drives spindle rotor to rotate at high speed with V belt and dispersion apparatus on rotor (grinding bar)drives grinding media to move at high speed, resulting in great impact, friction and shear stress so that materials are fully grinded and dispersed.

This machine adopts a precise and reliable double-end mechanical seal, with high reliability and durability. Grinding cylinder body is completely closed, avoiding air mixing, preventing the bubbles appearance and solvent evaporation and reducing the pollution of the environment.

This machine adopts the dynamic separator to separate grinding media and the grinding material. Owing to self-cleaning effect of the equipment, the grinding media will not block and embed in the gaps; it has a long service life and wide application range for high-viscosity materials.

Technical Parameters:
1 Main motor power : 22kw
2 Grinding cylinder volume : 25L
3 Spindle speed : 900rpm
4 Cooling water consumption : < 2M3 / h
5 Gas pressure : 2 ~ 6 bar
6 Grinding media filling rate : ≥88%
7 Grinding media diameter : 0.8 ~ 1 mm ~ 1.2 mm
8 Grinding media Material: ceramic beads
Machine installation :
Overall dimensions : 2000 × 900 × 1650
Parameter \ ModelBSW - 25 (Double Cooling)
Power of Main Motor (kw)22
Volume of grinding cylinder (L)25
Range of output (L/h)80-250
Consumption of cooling water (m3/h)2.5
Compressed air (bar)2-6bar
Grinding media (mm)1.2-1.8 Zirconia beads
Final fineness (um)0.5-20