F Series Double-Axis Dispersion Machine



2-axis dispersion machine is suitable to mix and disperse two or more liquid and powdery materials. Dispersing the liquid-solid phase of the materials with two vanes at the same time, the machine will weaken the follow-up appearance of the materials effectively, thus increasing the effect of stirring the materials and shortening the stirring time.

技术参数 Parameter \ 型号 Model机架FG250型
FG 250 frame type
FG 350 frame type
主电机功率 Power of Main Motor (kw)11-1522-45
分散轴转速 Dispersing shaft speed (r.p.m)0-14000-1400
分散轮直径 Dispersing blade dia (mm)ɸ250ɸ300-350
升降行程 Lift (mm)9001200
泵功率 Pump motor power (kw)0.751.1
罐容量 Tank capacity (L)500-8001000-1500
重量 Weight (kg)8001500
外形尺寸 Overall dimension A mm18202400
外形尺寸 Overall dimension B mm18002200
外形尺寸 Overall dimension C mm7001100
宽(W) mm9001200